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Research & Analysis

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General Research

We have developed and implemented our unique research methodology for assessments and estimates. The Rapid Response Intelligence Process (R2IP) incorporates a condensed intelligence cycle providing the most timely and accurate products (normally within a 6-8 hour period.) We break the current mold of research and collections by using commercial off-the-shelf technologies to identify and locate the most elusive materials. We employ passionate personnel to use proven research techniques to provide our tailored analytical products.


The cornerstone of our consultancy is providing assessments and estimates based on our clients’ information and security requirements. This is accomplished through the use of thousands of developed global resources. We employ experienced analysts providing tiered analysis (entry, intermediate, and advanced.) A key discriminating factor is our ability to provide responsive support in the form of tailored products. By leveraging the latest technology in the research process we are able to identify trends and “connect the dots.”

Customized Estimates

We provide estimates that are predictive in nature and require extensive research, reporting, and analysis. By maintaining close coordination with our clients we provide products on or before deadlines. Global threats to personnel, industry, and governments is our focus – providing predictive analysis is our goal.

Language Services

With the globalization of the 21st Century the ability to communicate in multiple languages and cultures is paramount. There are currently over 6,900 languages in the world. The UN translates 327, Microsoft Windows is written in 123 and Google is in 35. We monitor, report, and analyze mass media in foreign languages to attain the most complete understanding of current events. We accomplish this through translation utilizing both human and machine capabilities. The recognition of the impact of cultural nuances upon languages is vital in providing not only translation but analysis.