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Intelligence, security, culture and training... skills for a changing world

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Executive Travel Summaries

Our customized professional travel summary is designed to inform and prepare executives for overseas business travel. Items covered include: history of country, current political situation, travel warnings, restricted areas and recommended travel behavior, pointy talky cards to assist in day-to-day communications, items of interest, travel & tourism, etc.

Facility Site Surveys

Our security specialists evaluate physical and technological vulnerabilities of facilities. We will provide a risk management vulnerability assessment and assist with recommendations to correct deficiencies. Other services available include: ensuring operational continuity in the event of a catastrophic event, overseeing integration of security systems and processes, operational systems, emergency protocols, personnel training, and programs. We also evaluate clients’ current homeland security and emergency response training program, recommending changes and enhancements that align with current, credible threats, and the evolving realities of terrorism.

Security Training Services

Personnel Emergency Response Training, Tabletop and Field Exercises, Red Teaming, and Pre-Deployment Preparation for Personnel entering high-risk environments are just some examples of training services we offer.

Personnel Security

Our security consultants provide anti-terrorism training and preparedness to personnel who may be traveling to foreign areas where a terrorist threat exists against U.S. citizens.

Secure Travel Program

The Secure Travel Program (STP) is designed to provide U.S. citizens traveling internationally with the information and tools to be remain secure in a foreign environment. Each assessment is custom tailored to individual’s needs and requirements and are as brief or in-depth as the client requests. These tailored products include a Threat Vulnerability Assessment (TVA), Culture, and Antiterrorism Personal Protection (ATPP) addendums.