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Intelligence, security, culture and training... skills for a changing world


Our Intelligence Training spans from entry to advanced levels including such topics as Intelligence cycle and process for geopolitical, military, business and competitive intelligence, Intelligence Collections process and management, Analysis development and methodology, Targeting for military operations, production and packaging of tailored intelligence products, and many more. For a complete list please contact us.

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Planning Process

No business is successful today without detailed and rapid planning. We have taken the Marine Corps Rapid Response Planning Process and tailored it to industry. This includes the six hour response to crisis planning, the deliberate planning process utilizing a four step process.

Antiterrorism/Personnel Protection Training

We live in a world where terrorism is part of our daily vocabulary. As such, both our industry and government clients require training in protecting our personnel and property. Our training encompasses such topics as Terrorists Operations, Individual Protection Measures on foot, in a vehicle, or in an aircraft, Terrorism Counter-surveillance in determining if you are being surveyed and how to respond, Hostage Survival in dealing with the physical, psychological, and emotion aspects as a hostage, and Terrorist Organization Briefs specific to geographical regions and countries.


Our personnel provide a multitude of instructional format which include; Instructor led, Train-The-Trainer, Mobile Training Teams, and over the shoulder (laptop).